How To Get Virtual Bookkeeping Clients

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

These skills and knowledge are not necessarily to be found in proficiency with a person who just practices bookkeeping or is a bookkeeper. So my answer to if a bookkeeper is an accountant or not is Yes and also a No. An accountant’s task is more complex and goes beyond bookkeeping and marking transactions. An accountant most certainly performs other tasks too. Accountants are meant to be qualified individuals who can financially study and forecast the business. Generally, Bookkeepers are not certified with a degree or diploma.

If I run across a client that utilizes a bank that doesn’t work on Hubdoc, then I simply don’t put them on it. Hubdoc is all about saving me time and increasing my gross margins. I’m a CPA and I started my career working for a local CPA firm in Atlanta, GA over 15 years ago. My mission was always to help small businesses through my accounting knowledge. I gained experience in forensic accounting, auditing, recruiting, and using technology to help streamline operations. You have beautifully explained how to start a bookkeeping business from scratch and get success. Attending local events would be fruitful in making new connections and acquiring new clients.

  • Building a relationship with your banker is also a good way to establish a referral source for new clients.
  • If you hire Northwest to form your LLC or corporation, we complete and submit your formation paperwork on your behalf for just $100 plus state fees.
  • Small businesses (like myself, this blog is run as a business believe it or not! Here is how I make money blogging) usually run on limited staff and resources.
  • It should include everything you deliver to your client and you shouldn’t have a ton.
  • This can be a tricky part of the process, but I recommend as you start out charging by the hour.

If you search for the top reasons for business failure, poor financial and bookkeeping services will come right on the front. When businesses lose control over their financial operations, it is the first knock of their doom. Especially for small businesses, effective virtual bookkeeping services are highly important. While this is not necessary to start a virtual bookkeeping business, it does add the element of legitimacy to your business. This added legitimacy will make your clients more comfortable in trusting you with their financial records and transactions.

Set Up Business Operations For Your Bookkeeping Business

Angie’s goal is sharing her passion for home business, personal finance, telecommuting, and entrepreneurship, and her work has been featured on Recruiter, FlexJobs and Business News Daily. The list can be as broad or narrow as you like but just keep in mind that this can influence what type of clientele you end up working with. But reading books doesn’t always give you the full picture on how to do something.

Having an actual home office with a locking door is the best way to do this. If you don’t have the space for this, aim to have a desk with locking drawers where physical paperwork can be kept.

Ready To Do More Business With Email Marketing?

You don’t need to be all that tech-savvy or spend a lot of money to achieve this either! Use a service like Wix or Squarespace to make nice-looking sites quickly, or have WordPress installed on her personal website domain. WordPress is pretty easy to learn, and comes with tons of clean, free layouts that you can tweak to work for your business. While bookkeeping is absolutely a business you can start without any experience, it definitely helps to have previously worked in a money-related job. Whether you’ve worked as a small-scale accountant or as a company’s controller, that experience will go a long way in landing clients for your own business. And I actually came across a free training that walks you through everything you need to know to start a virtual bookkeeping business. It’s entirely possible that you could make even more money offering online bookkeeping services.

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

If anyone sues your business, they are suing YOU personally. Before you start marketing and branding your business, you’ll need to ensure your name is available. Most states prohibit or restrict businesses from adopting names that are already in use.

Why Do I Need This If I Want To Know How To Start A Bookkeeping Business?

I’m curious to know if you made the change to onpay and if you like it? I saw your post and was looking to use onpay as well but wanted to see if you experience so far was good. If I had any choice from the beginning, I would have gotten a MacBook . If you are used to Windows, it can definitely be an adjustment, but I think it is totally worth it. I just don’t deal with hardware issues or needing IT support with my Mac.

How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business

In most states, you can file these forms online or download a paper form from the state’s website. Term of service—full-time, part-time, or intermittent. In addition, you’ll need to have some idea about your pricing. If you need some help with that, check out my free Pricing Strategies for Bookkeepers and Accountants as well as my Simple Pricing System. You’ll need to get a domain name based on your desired company name. Remember not to overthink it; maybe your domain name just needs to be your first and last name right now. In some states, you have to run an ad or ads in qualifying newspapers or other publications to establish your business.

Do You Think You Would Have A Knack For Virtual Bookkeeping, But Just Don’t Know How To Get Started?

And then quickly move on to another industry to get hustling in if the videos don’t resonate with you. All essential tips to help you once you decide to become a bookkeeper. Always keep in mind the value you can offer your client. Questions as such will decide how much you make when you decide to become a bookkeeper. There are plenty of ways how to become a remote bookkeeper from wherever you are. So there is no room for error as a single wrong number can throw off all the work that you’ve already done, and make things difficult for your client. There is a common misconception that you need to be a math genius to be a bookkeeper.

Look for opportunities for education and skills development, too. Many community colleges offer continuing education courses in professional bookkeeping, and there are a variety of online bookkeeping programs online. Do you remember the answer to any accounting question? You can definitely build a practice, but you get out what you put into it – and you have to do it strategically. You’ll want to reach out to your contacts to let them know you are in business, but it could take a while for a business to realize they need someone or that they need someone else. I’d say at least 3-6 months to start seeing your marketing to have continuous results.

Step 2: Pick Up Basic Bookkeeping Training

There are two pieces of the business plan that deserve a little extra consideration. Help businesses with an overview of their finances to help them understand their habits. With the legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use in California, it’s an exciting time for the state’s business community. The new law brings many opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in producing and selling cannabis and cannabis products.

The two essential tools in remote bookkeeping jobs are laptops and a steady internet connection. According to ZipRecruiter, as of September 2020, a virtual bookkeeper is capable of earning an average of $38,193 a year. A virtual bookkeeper is essentially someone who tracks, records, and manages the business expenses of small to medium enterprises. Alternatively, there are plenty of courses online that you can take. This will save you time as there will be someone there to guide you through your journey into the world of bookkeeping.

Accounting software may also save time because of features like automation, and it provides a secure location for the owner to store crucial papers and receipts that can be accessed at any time. So, pay attention to these two tools, make some changes if necessary, and especially if you are serious about becoming a remote bookkeeper. How can you provide an added personal touch to make your clients smile?

The next day, hop on to LinkedIn, sort through them, and connect with all business owners you met and send a personalized message. 3) Add testimonials to give you some social proofing. If you’re just starting your own cpa firm, you may not have any, but add some later when you do get them. 2) To get clients, showcase a simple “how it works” process so that visitors know the steps they’ll need to follow to reach the benefits and outcomes that you have listed above.

How Much Does A Quickbooks Certification Cost?

Capturing a niche isn’t all about offering the right bookkeeping services. It might be about relating to where they are in their business journey and striking the right tone.

Promote Your Business

You will then be able to apply for a QuickBooks certification and you will also earn CPE credits. Join one or more professional bookkeeping associations. Don’t forget the more traditional marketing methods, such as posting advertisements in newspapers, handing out business cards, asking friends and family for referrals, and having a great elevator pitch. Client referral programs work by offering your existing clients a bonus or reward for referring you to their contacts. These programs have the additional bonus of improving client loyalty. Nowadays, people don’t always have time to read through long posts, so being able to listen to industry news while doing something else, like driving, is a bonus. Working as your own employee will also keep costs down for a brick-and-mortar business, although you will then have the costs of office rent to consider.

Some areas may also require home-based businesses to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy . If you don’t file any paperwork to legally form a different kind of business—you have a sole proprietorship or general partnership. How to Start a Virtual Bookkeeping Business Essentially, these are “default” business structures. A sole proprietorship has one owner, and a partnership has multiple owners. Assuming you own a reliable laptop, start up costs will be minimal.

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