Puppy Kororo Video game Review

The new Nintendo DS game, Four-legged friend Kororo, is an excellent example of an excellent touchscreen game. It uses bunnies as the primary subject, and has a fun touch-screen software. The game needs you to roll your bunnies to the mom panel, whilst avoiding collisions with other bunnies. The objective is to get all of the bunnies in your collection before time runs away.

The game is actually a puzzle video game similar to the well-known puzzle games Bejeweled and PuzzleQuest, but with sweet animals rather than gemstones. The object is to match identical pets or animals or dogs. The game includes a touch screen interface and a fair amount of animation. In addition, it has an encounter mode that limits how much time this normally takes to whole each level.

The game is straightforward to learn and easy to play. You’ll be served a hand as high as nine plastic cards and will need to match the coloured symbols on the memory cards to create the right mix. The goal of the sport is to obtain as many corresponding pairs since you can and acquire roms snes android a superior score in the process.

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