The right way to Obtain a Dominican Marriage Certificate

Marriage data in the Dominican Republic will be managed by Department of Public Safety and Rights of the Dominican Republic. Guidelines are posted about this webpage, to find out how you can obtain the marital relationship record of a certain person in Dominican Women less than two a few minutes. Marriage is recognized as sacred inside the Dominican Republic, and the matrimony license serves as proof of that.

Just fill in the form about that web page, and we will send a get letter: By non-Dominicans (mainly Brits, Vacationers and Canadians) who got married in the Dominican Republic, mostly in Playa Dorada & Tope Cana back in the eighties and the nineties, who need a copy of their marriage license through the Department of Public Basic safety and Justice of the Dominican Republic. The getting a copy of your Dominican Republic marriage record is quite straightforward. You can possibly visit the local office of the Vital Statistic Office belonging to the Dominican Republic or one in San Juan Ponce. For anyone who is willing to get a paper copy, you will need to make an appointment with the certified person responsible for marriage files and you should be accompanied by a photo ID. The procedure is neither time-consuming nor expensive and is very easy to try and do.

Now that you know how to obtain a Dominican marriage record, all you need to do is to contact the selected offices and wait for these to give you your copy in the Dominican marriage certificate within five working days. If you are not married however, the most effective way is usually to go online and choose a respected and safeguarded Dominican record search service provider. A lot of sites provide free searches; other sites request a health club fee. When you have become a member, you could start searching whenever. The queries are usually exact, user-friendly, kept up to date and you will receive fast results. The skills are definitely well worth every nickel!

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