Dog Kororo in the Nintendo DS

If you’ve ever before played vintage puzzle online games like Bejeweled or PuzzleQuest, you’ll like the cute and fluffy pets or animals in Pet animal Kororo. The goal of the game is usually to match up pairs of identical pets or animals to make all of them disappear. The overall game is also popular for its natural animation and touch screen handles. You can even play in “Attack Mode, inch a function where to get limited to time you have to complete a level.

Some other new game on the Manufacturers DS, emulator downloads Animal Kororo is a marvel game with a unique distort. It features a unique touchscreen display technology and bunnies when the main look. To whole the levels, you will need to help the kororo avoid colliding with other bunnies, causing them to quit rolling. To be able to progress to the next level, you must be sure that each bunny is in series and not impeding any others.

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