Portuguese Wedding Practices

Portuguese wedding ceremony traditions are similar to the ones from the United States and Western The european union. The wedding is centered in regards to celebration of marriage. A priest covers the bride and groom with a stole to symbolize the church’s promises to protect them. A reception ensues, with guests dancing and sharing stories. Following the wedding, there is also a traditional reception in the couple’s home.

Portuguese weddings usually involve the bride using dark-colored for the ceremony, synonymous with her fidelity to her husband to be. Gold earrings and fans are also common. The Costa da prata have prolonged had an focus on community, and matrimony is a very important part of your life in the country. If the bride and groom quit the chapel, they are pelted with rice, flowers, fanfare, and sweets.

The bride and groom as well choose https://www.statista.com/topics/2158/online-dating/ the bride’s maid of honor and best gentleman. The portuguese women dating tours best gentleman and house maid portugal brides of honor are bilingual, so the bride may have one of every. A bridesmaid might be Portuguese or vice versa. They are all are important in the wedding, and they should be chosen sensibly.


Costa da prata weddings are often times very plentiful, with many courses and a range of fine wine drinks. Guests invited to such a wedding should select a gift to match the occasion. A conventional Portuguese wedding party surprise should show the woman and groom’s traditional values, and may even be nearly anything from cash to tableware and hand-embroidered linens.

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